Add Optimisation (TPO) to any TPM or current planning process (incl. Excel)

Turn your FMCG 'trade spend' into 'investments' – accurately predict what will work best.

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Maximise your promotional effectiveness

Use AI powered Post Event Analysis to optimise the price, mechanics and feature and display ROI for your promotions

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'Brand is King' - extract maximum value from your current brand equity

Should you promote more or less for optimum ROI?

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Complete profit pool management

See the Total, Retail and Brand profit for clearer planning and category impact.

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Closer customer relations and joint business planning

Provide 'gold' level category insights and foresights – increase your category influence.

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Monitor competitors, compare and measure brand EAR (equity at retail)

We identify what is important to target and set out plans to win.

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Optimise price and value for your brand

We can demonstrate average 18-27% increase in brand profit.

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Guaranteed 3% increased profit or no charge

AiM guarantee to find increased profit opportunity of at least 3% of t/o in year 1 or no charge.

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Make your FMCG Commercial Planning easier, faster, more accurate and profitable with AiM's on-line SaaS platform or Report Service:-

The AiM-OPTIMISER shows how to increase your profits, guaranteed... or no charge.

Using expertise in Customer and Category Management, Trade Promotion Optimisation (TPO), Shopper Insights & Revenue Growth Management, these predictive AI tools show precisely what to do to increase profits on your SKUs.
The unique easy-to-use predictive analytics tools show FMCG / Consumer Goods suppliers how to:

  • Increase profit or category share,
  • See which SKUs are elastic enough to promote profitably,
  • Optimise your prices and promotions,
  • Make better informed Trade Spend and Terms decisions and negotiations,
  • Improve ROI and customer plans using predictive scenario planning.

Optimum Commercial Planning measures current brand equity, evaluates trade spend / support and optimises terms.

Not got the resources to use the tools internally?
No problem. AiM will deliver full information reports to you until you are ready to embed using the platform in your planning processes. Get the insights and benefits from day 1.



In FMCG & Consumer Goods ALL products have an equity. The stronger your 'Shopper Equity' (how strongly shopper value your product), the higher the returns for every £/€/$ invested with your retail partners.  


AiM's cloud based industry leading advanced analytics and AI, statistically measures your brand strength, elasticities, competitors etc. and show how to save or invest to maximise those returns. Self-service on-going or via AiM's consultants/reports.


The system does all the data crunching so you don't need to. It shows you what would happen from various scenarios, what your optimum or best options are, and you decide your plans. Volumes are automatically forecast as you change your plans.

Built by FMCG people for FMCG people to make commercial planning easier, faster and more effective.


The Problems

  • High spend on Price & Promotions. Often the 2nd highest on the P & L.
  • Need to increase ROI, profit, volume, value or category share... but with tight budgets. 
  • Competitors impacting you. Little time to analyse all possibilities.
  • Unclear what the best actions to take are, now and on-going.
  • Better insight expected by retail customers. 

The Solutions

  • Optimise your Price & Promotions plans. See and set the optimum pricing mix for profit automatically.
  • Get clear 'direction' on how and what to do. Automated Price Elasticity, Baselines and Uplifts.
  • Have instant volume/profit planning tools and insights including automated Promotional Effectiveness.
  • Use Predictive Analytics, AI and ML to plan scenarios. Easily plan SKU, Portfolio & Brand levels.

The Benefits

  • Increase ROI from your trade and brand support. Invest or save in the correct areas.
  • Know what to do with your pricing: What happens if I increase or decrease prices or promotions?
  • Easily make better informed and faster commercial decisions based on complete profit pool impact (brand & retailer)
  • Increase profit, save time and money using the tool's inbuilt analytics to accurately predict what will happen. 
  • Become more important to your retail customer.

Brand Experience

Customer Testimonials

"Working with AIM enabled our ‘kick-start’ to drive our business & brand growth especially our lead deliverable of shopper penetration ahead of the competition by running more effective promotions." Andrew Ligertwood - Head of Customer Marketing, Highland Spring Group
"Graeme is a very experienced trade marketing professional. He has an extensive understanding of the world of pricing and promotions and can bring real added value to FMCG companies through his knowledge, innovative thinking and highly effective analytical tools" Keith Hogg - Group Sales Director, Scottish & Newcastle Plc.
Many of the principles proposed for promotional guidelines at the start of the project are still maintained today optimising our category value growth which has provided a better return on promotional investment for both us and our customers“ Andrew Ligertwood - Head of Customer Marketing, Highland Spring Group

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